Keeps small sections of the growing cube material from topping over in the germination tray.

There are several variations.



This is an entirely optional part. It is convenient if you germinate small batches of seeds, and break the cube material into relatively small pieces. These small pieces tend to topple over in the germination tray, drowning the plant.

This part, in some variations, prevents the growing cube(s) from toppling over.

The most convenient variation seems to be the 3x3 with label: as growing cube sheets apparently come organized in rows of 9, one such row can be broken off and, in three 3-cube pieces, inserted into the cube holder. Write some identifier (like a letter) on the label protrusion, and you can easily keep track which seed is which even for small batches.

Bill of materials

  • Food-safe 3D printing filament

Required tools

  • 3D Printer

  • PC running OpenSCAD.

  • PC running a slicing program suitable for your 3D printer, such as Slic3r.