Covers currently unused holes in a horizontal growing pipe.



This is an entirely optional part, and you can solve the problem differently with some kind of flap. This is a 3D-printed part that covers unused holes in a horizontal growing pipe and thus prevents algae from growing.

We provide two models:

  • The normal hole cover
  • The same hole cover, but with straight trim on one side, as if cut off with a saw. This is useful if for some reason, your to-be-covered hole is too close to the growing pipe’s end cap.

Bill of materials

  • Food-safe 3D printing filament

Required tools

  • 3D Printer

  • PC running OpenSCAD.

  • PC running a slicing program suitable for your 3D printer, such as Slic3r.


  • Download one of the OpenSCAD models, depending on the size and shape you want:

  • Alternatively, if you are familiar with git and have it installed, clone the entire Project Springtime website from here and look for the .scad files in content/parts/growing-pipe-hole-cover-1/cad.

  • In OpenSCAD, open this .scad file you want and and select "Design/Render (F6)".

  • In OpenSCAD, export as STL.

  • In your slicer, place the previously exported STL file.

  • In your slicer, you can probably use default parameters for your printer. (You know your printer better than we do.)

  • In your slicer, export the G-Code and print the G-Code with your 3D printer.