The base wooden frame for a vertical system.


Note that one of the photos shows attached arms, which are out of scope for this part.


This vertical frame is sturdy, flexible, and fairly simple to build. We use standard, low-cost 2"x4"x8’ lumber, and some wood screws. No great precision is required either.

You need these tools:

It’s good to also have these tools:

Bill of materials

Count Item ID Source
6 4"x2"x8' lumber, basic quality Hardware store
24 10x2 1/2" exterior wood screws (or similar) Hardware store



Post assembly:

Frame assembly:


First we cut the parts:

  1. Cut two of the 2x4s in the middle, so you have 4 2x4s, about 4ft long each. Two will form the feet, and two will become the horizontal planks.

  2. Two 2x4s will be the posts, and we keep them at their original length.

  3. Shorten another of the 2x4s to form the diagonal center brace.

  4. Cut another of the 2x4s into the four foot braces per drawing above.

  5. Drill the through-holes in the places indicated in the drawings.

Now we create the feet for the posts. Both posts are identical, so do this twice:

  1. Loosely attach the foot to the post.

  2. Attach the two foot braces to the foot and the post. Make sure they are at the right angle so the post will stand up straight.

  3. Tighten all screws.

Now we assemble the structure:

  1. Place the two posts upright, 4ft apart from each other. It is easier if you have two helping people.

  2. Loosely attach the two planks.

  3. Measure the angles well, so that the entire structure stands up straight. It may be helpful to measure the diagonals and make sure they have the same length.

  4. Attach the diagonal brace.