Herbs and Spices


Spices and Project Springtime

Results depend on the plant.


  • Basil grows very nicely, but the roots can soon clog the pipes. Because the seeds are so small, germination hasn’t always been successful.
  • The cilantro and the parsley grow, but not much. It may not be worth it.

Varieties grown successfully

  • Genevese basil, from Seeds of Change
  • Sweet basil, from Burpee
  • Dill, from Seeds of Change

Varieties grown unsuccessfully

  • Cilantro, Santo, Coriandrum sativum, from Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  • Cilantro, from Ferry Morse
  • Parsley, Giant of Italy OG, Petroselinum crispum, from Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  • Sage, broad leaf, from Ferry Morse

Varieties not yet grown

  • Mountain mint, Pyenanthemum pilosum, from Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  • Creeping thyme, Thymus serpyllum, from Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  • Common mint, Mentha spp, from Johnny’s Selected Seeds