Other types of plants


Other types of plants and Project Springtime

Too early to tell.

Varieties grown successfully

  • Diploid watermelons, Sugar baby, Citrullus lanatus var. lanatus, from Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  • Celery, Tango OG, Apium graveolens, from Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  • Round red beets, Babybeat, Beta vulgaris, from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Take care to harvest in time so the beet doesn’t get too large for the growing pot.

Varieties grown unsuccessfully

  • Radish, Champion. from Ferry Morse. While the plant grows just fine, the radish gets a wrinkly, relatively hard skin. Also, it’s very inefficient use of space on this system as you cannot seed densely.

Varieties currently growing, too early to tell

  • Hybrid strawberry, Elan F1, Fragaria x ananassa, from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Some difficulties with germination. Maybe the seeds drown in the growing cubes.
  • Rhubarb, Victoria, Rheum rhabarbarum, from Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Varieties not yet grown

  • Onion, Cabernet, Allium cepa (hybrid), from Botanical Interests
  • Hybrid mini eggplant, Hansel F1, Solanum melongena, from Johnny’s Selected Seeds