Vertical Recirculating Deep Water Culture System

Bill of Materials

Count Item ID Source
1 Vertical frame vertical-frame-1 build
16 Arm arm-1 build
32 1-5/8" drywall screws (or similar) Hardware store
8 Growing pipe growing-pipe-1 build
6 Cascading pipe 1 cascading-pipe-1 build
1 Reservoir inflow pipe reservoir-inflow-pipe-1 build
1 Nutrient storage nutrient-storage-1 build
1 Reservoir pump assembly reservoir-pump-assembly-1 build
1 Cable clamp 1/4" with mounting screw
2 Conduit strap
Small can of Wood Stain (water-repelling) and staining tools per instructions on the can (e.g. brush, brush cleaner, rag) Hardware store
Tube of outdoor, water-immersible caulking Hardware store
1 Germination tray holder (optional addition) germination-tray-holder-1 build
as needed Cover for empty holes in growing pipe (optional addition) growing-pipe-hole-cover-1 build

The solar option is in progress. Details will be added when ready.